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Passionate. Innovative. Inspirational. Kevin Le Vu Photography document weddings using creativity and experience to understand the vision of his clients and turn their ideas into a photographic reality. Through his artwork, he strives to create images that demonstrate life organically, beautifully, and above all- genuinely.

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Kevin Le Vu Photography

Elegant Al Fresco Affair

I'm truly convinced that dining beneath the stars is the only way to celebrate your big day.  That is, if you are lucky enough to live in the always-amazing California, where sunshine and gorgeous weather reign supreme.  And if you add some sweet DIY details and an amazing locale (see: stunning private residence) to all of the aforementioned, it's a gallery of pure pretty.  See it all captured by ...


Jones Victorian Estate Wedding from Kevin Le Vu Photography

Weddings are all about the union of two people. But this Orange County affair is home to more than just one marriage... it is the joining together of family and friends, elegance and the outdoors, burlap and lace. Brought to us by Kevin Le Vu Photography it's a true vision of vintage rustic romance. Inspired by her grandmother's antique engagement ring, the bride and her mother created a homespun celebration full of sweet details...


Wrap It Up Pretty Little Black Book!

Raise your hand if you're a sucker for any kind of love in the snow. My arm is proudly plastered to the side of my head right now because I can't get enough white weddings, snowy proposals, and fabulous engagement sessions complete with snowballs and pinecones. So needless to say after a super gorgeous week here on the LBB Blog, I just couldn't pass up an opportunity to share this sweet shoot from Kevin Le Vu Photography. It's going...